Case Study: Business Strategy


A global internet search provider wanted to expand into enterprise search applications. This client needed assistance surveying their client base and determining how best to go to market with differentiation.

Analysis and Teamwork

We conducted a survey determining the most highly valued solution and support elements for the enterprise search market. Using these insights and Arcetri enterprise expertise, we created a lifecycle go-to-market model to facilitate their engagement. This model identified existing and needed resources and prioritized missing elements. In addition we organized their sales and support resources around this model and produced a web presence enabling their clients and partners to evaluate, adopt, sell, build and support their enterprise search platform.


The business was able to hone in on the differentiators that mattered most to their target market. Then, by orienting their team and resources to the enterprise market model, they were able to rapidly drive adoption. In addition, they benefitted from re-prioritizing the needs of their clients not currently met by their product. The engagement provided an approach that quickly positioned their offering, rapidly engaged key partners and provided a road map for future success.