Case Study: Partner Development


A cloud-based voice services provider had an all direct sales strategy. They had evolved from the startup stage to a company with proven technology adopted by global companies. Yet to survive they needed to build and implement a channel strategy and launch internationally. They asked Arcetri to help with business planning, partner strategy and targeting and to build tools that would engage and expand their reach to and through partners.

Analysis and Teamwork

Working with the business team, Arcetri developed a multi-year partner plan including target markets, resource investment and ROI modeling. A partner plan was created identifying, profiling and prioritizing prospective partners in the U.S. and target international geographies. Next, we collaborated across their business units to refresh and index tools across the company. These materials were organized into a sales and support lifecycle and published as a resource library on their partner portal. To complete the project, we produced a customized sales kit on USB Memory Drives with a company branded user interface tailored for each of their top partners.


New Partner Development Managers were rapidly enabled with a recruiting strategy, profiled target lists and communications tools tailored for their partners. The company was able to find and leverage a broad range of company assets and leverage them broadly for the benefit of their direct and indirect sales force. These resources were then put to work in a variety of communications beginning the transition to a scalable partner-oriented sales model.