Case Study: Joint Communications


A rapidly growing global consulting firm based in India needed a comprehensive bill of materials to distinguish them from the pack and leverage the investment and growth opportunity with a major market making business partner.

Analysis and Teamwork

The first steps were defining the joint value proposition between the two companies and building this into a messaging framework to be leveraged across many communications. Once the value proposition was agreed upon, we created detailed messaging for the target audiences following the communications guidelines of both companies. To enhance the messaging, a unique partnership “look and feel” was created building on the strengths of the value proposition. To complete the project, more than a dozen new deliverables were created for internal and external audiences including sales guides, joint planning tools, presentations, email templates, bid proposal templates and customer collateral pieces.


A unique joint value proposition between two global companies was built into an identity and comprehensive messages that set them apart. By centering on their unique joint value to customers, their communications stood out from the crowd, helping build and close a pipeline of opportunities.